If You’re Looking To Give Your Business A Leverage And Get A Huge Bump in Your Pocket in the Next coming Fold of Days – Then Drop Everything In The Next Few Minutes And Read On…

Worried that Your Business Has Been Left Behind In Procuring Leads To Sustained Online Sales?

Want to Build The Website For Your Business But Do Not Know Who to Get To?

Desperate For A Solution To Further Broaden Your Market And Keep Yourself Abreast To The Dealings In The Online World?


Over the next few minutes, I will show you how to overcome the challenge

that stands between you and your business competitors.


I basically know what you’re thinking right now.


Maintaining a dollar account for domain procurement and hosting…

getting content that you can use all across the web…

hiring a webmaster during setting up process…

hiring a virtual assistant for web maintenance and promotions..

and this list goes on…


It sounds like too much work, doesn’t it?


That, basically, is what I always hear from

small – medium sized business owners.


Once upon a time, it was also what I am thinking about.


Like you, I did not have all the time in the world to create a search engine

optimized website… the truth is, I barely had enough time to eat breakfast

because of my desire to keep my business running.


And so I had this idea of helping business owners get an alternative way of

getting a website without having to worry about creating content or spending

sizable amount of money.


And An “A-ha!” Moment Came Right Before Me

And I came To see A Solution Every Business Owner Prays For.

I Finally Gotten The Idea of Website Leasing!


Again, think about having to write Content, outsourcing a webmaster

to design your website, hiring a writer, buying a domain name,

paying additional dollars for monthly website hosting,

getting a virtual assistant to maintain and promote your website,

and again, this list goes on further…


You probably heard Bill Gates say,

“If your business is not online, you will soon be out of business.”


Whether you agree or not in his statement, I know that the effect of having a

website is really huge. It can make or break your efforts to rake in additional

amounts straight to your pockets.


Imagine what leverage does it make when your loyal customers see

www.YourBusinessName.com outside your door, on your business

cards or anywhere you wanted it to appear.


And so, WebsiteLessor.com was developed.


With a ridiculously low monthly fee, you will have a near-instant website that

can surely broaden your base.


We know that there are a number of small – medium sized businesses that urgently need help in online marketing.


Many of these businesses have absolutely NO INTERNET PRESENCE not because they do not want it but because THEY THINK IT IS BEYOND THEIR REACH.


We see that monthly rental requires LESS UP FRONT MONEY and is LESS RISKY for small and medium sized businesses. If it doesn’t work for you, simply cancel.


This, certainly, is a Win-Win situation right?


But why should you lease with us?


Simple. We want you to dip your toe into internet marketing waters before you decide to dive in deeper. We want to help you avoid wasting money and time into getting to figure things out and getting up to a faster pace.


So what it is that we can offer on your plate?


Lowest Monthly Fee. What if I tell you that you can have a website for as low as One Dollar ($1) a day  or roughly Thirty Dollars ($30) a  month? You would think this is crazy but that’s all that you are going to pay just to get an up and running website.


FREE Website Setup. You no longer need to spend a single penny finding a website designer and getting his service. Think of how much you are going to pay when you hire someone to design your website. Here, we set it up for you free of charge.


FREE On-page Optimization. You can get the best person to design the most appealing website on the face of the web but if this person doesn’t know on-page optimization, your website will not get seen. With us, we optimize it for free.


FREE Domain Name Registration. You have to pay a couple of dollars to get the name of your website. In the internet world, you cannot just get www.YourBusinessName.com without paying for it and regularly spending an amount for renewing it. Here, we pay it for you.


FREE Hosting For Your Website. Your website will not be up and running without you paying a couple of dollars to a hosting company on a monthly or yearly basis. If you don’t pay, you will only see a black screen or a suspended page. Again, we pay hosting fees for you.


No Hidden Cost On Any Service. You are getting almost everything here for free. There is no catch on this. Our mission is to bridge digital divide and we are pretty serious about it. When we say you are going to spend this much, it should, basically, be that much.


No Minimum Term Required. While we pay for your domain name and regularly pay for your hosting fees for a certain period of time, we will not ask you to contract with our service at a minimum term. We take this risk to give you an idea that we are serious in helping you.


You Can Cancel Anytime. This would again sound weird but that’s basically it. We are dead serious with everything that we offer. So if you happen to feel uncomfortable and unsatisfied with any of our service, you can cancel anytime, no questions asked.


Excellent Customer Support. We are here to bridge the digital divide so we assure you that all your questions will not remain unanswered. We will make ourselves available for your requests and expect us to get to you as soon as we can.