The layout is one of many elements of website design that may affect its usefulness to visitors and search engines. This is especially true in the light of the changes to Google’s search algorithms last year which specifically focus on layout. Google wants to address the many complaints on commercial websites that are ranking high even without or with little content on the page. To avoid such problem, Big G wants to see valuable content “above the fold“.  One of the main concepts why content should be placed above the fold is for it to be easily seen by readers and indexers.


Design above the fold


The term “above the fold” comes from the newspaper publishing business, which is the upper part of the space above where a standard size paper folding and has always received the most attention. This is why the titles and important announcements usually appear in this area – and it should be no different with the web design. The most important content should appear above the fold as well. “Above the fold” area is considered the top and  is clearly visible before having to scroll down. It is generally recommended that the content be featured in this field to get the most attention.


Above the Fold and Page Rank


It has become commonplace for some websites to fill the area with. Although this practice can be profitable, it was not a very good choice before the eyes of users. With the changes in Google’s algorithms, it now can detect whether or not the most valuable content appears above the fold or not. Therefore, well-designed Web sites of great value have improved page rank while sites those that are filled with advertisements prominently above the fold areas lost their position accordingly.


Benefits of the “above the fold” content optimization


Users appreciate the content more than the design. If you look at the latest websites that are ranking high on Google, you will see that they are those which cater valuable information. They are not those which are designed by highly reputed websites that only flood with adverts. While styling remains important, bots now want to see relevant and useful content so it makes sense that a better page rank should be given to these sites. When a page is accessed more because it has a better rank and users keep coming back for the excellent content, it is possible that better page rank can be had and this cycle continues.


It is strongly recommended that major overhaul of the pages should be made to ensure that all web pages are more easily crawled because they have quality content. Webpage should be stripped from advertisements that adversely affect a website’s bounce rate. Spam pages and those which are of a “link farm” character are highly frowned upon under the present circumstances. Google wants to see only the best websites get on the top of the list of the search results pages. So if you are serious about implementing the foregoing “above the fold” suggestions, you are surely getting higher rankings in no time.