Years in hindsight, I have been a huge fan of taking articles from article directories like ezine and of publishing articles on them so I can get article directory links. I even have an automated blog which, through the use of software, scrapes content from ezine and automatically posts them on that blog. That was a thing of the past and I have chosen to discontinue it after I have been severely hit by Panda. It was beneficial back then to have their articles published because they get links from me and from other marketers who wanted to take advantage of the automated blogging capabilities. Now, for the question, “Are article directory links still effective?”, allow me to answer it on this post.

Matt Cutts on Article Directory Links

Article Directory?

An article directory is an online platform where you are allowed to post pre-written articles. You just basically have to write 300+-word article, put 2 or 3 links on the body or on an author bio and place there your keyword-rich anchor texts. You can also have that very same article rewritten and have it publish across the many article directories on the web in the hope that other webmasters use them as additional resource on their blogs. From there, you just start generating backlinks from your articles that are going to be published on other people’s websites.

Article Directory Links?

The keyword-rich anchor text links which can either be found on the body of the article or on the author bio can prove useful if someone finds the article useful and posts them on their webpage. These are called article directory links. Getting these types of articles from directories or creating these types of articles in the hope of having generating article directory links is very common to new webmasters.

Are these types of links still effective?

For many SEOs, getting article directory links is something that they have abandoned for several years. This is due to the common hesitation of experienced webmasters in using them for the fear of being penalized as having posted duplicate contents on their websites. Most people just grab articles and only have them spun or rewritten in their own words to escape from search engine filters. A number of webmasters realize that this has become a bad idea not only because Google has now treated these links as of low quality in the same way as press releases and guest posts but also because they now understand the implications of using it. With this, it would not be amiss to state that article directory links are no longer as effective nowadays.

What is the stand of Google on this?

Matt Cutts recently made a video entitled “Should I build links using article directories?”. He made special mention of the rise of article directories at present that are soliciting articles and rewarding authors with badges for continuing to publish with them. Take time to watch the following video:

Cutts clearly stated that article directory links are not as effective as they were a few years back. With the algorithmic changes Google is implementing, it is less likely that articles from directories escape from its filters. What is worse is that uploading of articles of this type results in penalty. On a personal note, I would like to stress that it is hard to take risks on uploading duplicated articles. One of my sites never passed the spam filters of Big G before and I can personally vouch that article directory links are not anymore effective under the current circumstances.