I am really tempted about making this post on guest blogging which, because of Matt Cutt’s “The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO”, has gone out bad. I just hope his webspam team wouldn’t consider this as crap and won’t have me penalized for ventilating my opinion about it. But whether they would consider this post another rubbish in the vast sea of “spam-infiltrated” World Wide Web, I would just smile and say “Be my guest!”. But before going deeper into how in the world guest blogging has become one of those which Google frown upon, this video of Matt last December is worth watching:

Google often tells us to just build great content and that we are free to write as we please. To please Google, we wore makeup and tried to give our content a “boob job”. At the end of the day, Big G is delighted and it says, “Oh, you have something in here that adds value to the web and with this, you deserve to move up in the SERPS”. But another content is published after a year and it looks more natural before its eyes and our boob job starts to get noticed and now, we’re standing on the edge waiting for Google’s say. This new content replaced our position and we are buried into the deeper pages but we found out something fuzzy because it was just another piece of crap which only borrows some, if not all, of our ideas.

I am talking about these because another old and white-hat way of SEO which is Guest Posting has now been the target of the webspam team. As many aptly described it, it is as old as newspaper. Matt himself used it and he has admitted to having used and vouched Vanessa Fox’s review here. True enough, I understand what Google wants to bring before its audience but I just hope it should not go into providing an outright penalty. It should be wiser if it would rather discount the links from spam guest blogs rather than giving the penalty like a simple sway of the magic wands of its webspam team.

Like most of my blog posts here on Website Lessor, I am not sure if I am giving “no follow attributes” to the blogs and websites I am linking to. This includes the links to Matt’s blog and Google. While my posts here are not guest posts or something close to it, I may run the risk of being marked as such. Who knows right? And we don’t even know if paid guest posts are embraced by webmasters as products of their own writing and put authorship over them. This is something worth considering for the webspam team because it’s hard to tell the difference contrary to what Matt said in one of his comments.

What his latest blog said is bold and it directly points to guest blogging for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes. It literally kills SEO along the process and it is like it has moved on from one facet of SEO to the next. Press releases are made bad, and directories, guest posts, etc. too. I just couldn’t figure out why Google wanted us to consider links as votes but along the way ban us for actively building links in a rather legitimate way. We cannot just sit back and just hope for the magic of naturally earning links to surface and bring us more decent organic rankings.

Google, with this update, is killing careers and one of it is our career in SEO. Like most SEOs, I have used different hats in my previous campaigns. I have used tactics which have once worked but were later junked as another spam. I have experienced and cried foul after having been slapped hard. But I am proud to say that I have also contributed to the quality standards that made Google earn its prestige. Google’s algorithm couldn’t just work on its own. We are part of the fabric that, in part, made Google work and have something to hold on to. I don’t know if Matt received the following email by mistake or otherwise but I am attaching it here for you guys to have an idea how an email made me say guest blogging has gone bad.

Guest Post Email

The spam email Matt Cutts received asking him if he wanted a guest post on his blog.

How do you find the above email? I would love to hear you speak your mind in the comments!