One week ago, I have made a post on Leveraging Social Media For SEO and it created a stir among friends. To supplement that post, I would like to add a few insights on how we can build social media presence in such a way that we can influence search engines. In a long line of tests, the value of social media for SEO can be seen in its power to influence how search engines like Google will rank websites. If you have not noticed this, you should probably start taking lessons on SEO and learn the steps necessary to build your presence in various social media networks and reap the returns. Some of them are:


1. Sign up to different social media platforms with your business name.


If you do not have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and some other accounts, it would benefit if you create them quickly using your business name. Each of them will give you fame and significantly contribute to improve the position of your website in search engines because your presence in social media is an indication of the credibility of your business and experience.


2. Show “share”, “tweet”, “plus”, and other buttons on your website.


Some visitors seem to be interested in your products, but they are not yet ready to spend money. They just simply visit your site to see what you offer and the new products that you have. They are almost like trying to find reasons to finally buy. And since they visit Facebook, Twitter and other accounts more often, they want click on like, share, etc. so they could in some way bookmark the page. Because of this, you need to take advantage of their growing interest and make your business accessible not only to them but also to their friends.


Let them recognize your existence through your social media accounts. Get social media “share” buttons on your site. Just because they click on them, they will instantly receive new updates which will then capture the curiosity of other people and in the process, create brand recall.


With regard to search engines, these buttons recognize how much you value your social media presence and which helps to build your integrity for them. The trick then is to ensure that you have the “share” buttons visible on each web page.


3. Link it to your page.


The importance of it to the SEO is also evident through backlinks. Google and other search engines crawl the links and index them. By creating links in your social media accounts, you will be able to strengthen social signals. As you post regularly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other accounts, you will help your website to rank higher. However, this will only be possible when you make mention of your business, your services, or your brand.


4. Go where Google is.


Google allows people and businesses to get people connected to Google+. It is but time to think now about joining your company to the Google+ network. As observed, companies participating in the network have received reward of Google and were given better rankings in search engine results. Because of this, it may be worth considering putting plus buttons on website and registering with Google places.


5. See regularity.


Send brand related content to your social media platforms regularly. You will then establish your reputation to the search engines, especially Google. As you provide relevant content, you can expect search rankings to soar.


Do not take too lightly the power of social networks. It will help your site rank higher in the SERPS, get traffic and ultimately result in the raking in of money on your pocket. This is how you should see the importance of social media to SEO. I hope this could help you realize that it is high time that you get ton Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus, as well as other social media platforms.