A new web infrastructure has now been started by CNN and it has invested a stunning 15 million dollars on it. CNN considers this spending as one of the best decision it has ever made although this is such an inordinate amount for many. Hailed as the first TV Channel in the US, CNN puts much importance on mobile versions of its website which is an intelligent innovation considering that most people get to websites using tablets and smartphones.



Mashable recently got a glimpse of what CNN website looks like and as seen on the image below, there will be a big news section in the lead with a photo and a headline.

New CNN Website

CNN had its say in a catch all phrase:

The future of CNN is about as much as about digital television, if not more.


In the US alone, CNN.com Website takes 42 million unique visitors per month and this huge traffic make the spending well worth it. Of this number of visits, traffic from mobile version stagnates at a certain level while the mobile version has registered a growth of 46% from last year and its mobile applications is up by 70%.


With the above percentile, we now understand why the TV channel investing heavily in a highly mobile oriented redesign especially  on mobile traffic which now accounts for 39% of all website traffic of CNN.com.


The new design will be shown to the public this October.