When you have a website, one of the main objectives is to convert as many visitors into loyal customers. This is a crucial issue for the proper functioning of any online business.

Converting Prospects Into Loyal Customers

However, depending on your market, this goal is not always easy to achieve.

It may be caused by any of the following reasons:
1. Your potential customers are not used to make purchases on the Internet.
2. There are many unscrupulous sellers offering poor quality products. Therefore, your prospects are becoming suspicious. A perfect example is the niche “Website Leasing.” In all cases, you must provide a major effort to improve your credibility with your potential customers. This will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Thus, you will be perceived as a serious and trustworthy company offering your services. Several strategies can be implemented. Make an effort over the design of your website. Looking at the different traditional packaging companies, usually they try to emphasize the concepts of:
a. Quality – Serious
b. Luxury (valid for certain products: Versace, Apple, Hermes …)

There is another category of companies that prefer to accentuate the concept of discount. If your pricing is not aggressive, it would be better to inspire the design of large online and offline businesses. It is usually simple, but it inspires confidence. This is the result you should look for. Put yourself forward. Too many sellers are hiding behind their computer screens. The only element that their references and name. No picture, no legal information, no biography … The person is about to buy a product on the site of a seller who is completely unknown. If you are in this situation, the number of monthly sales should not be very high. Adding some elements on your site you should solve this problem in part:
a. Add your photo. This is the bare minimum. Your potential customers will be able to put a face to your name. This may seem insignificant, but to give confidence to your prospects, this is a first step.
b. Make a video. The picture is good, but a video has much more impact on your visitors. Initially, prefer simplicity. The most important is to remember to focus your text to speak as naturally as possible.
c. At the bottom of the page, add your legal information. If you sell a product or you offer your services, you normally have created a business. In this case, highlight the data. Indeed, some vendors have realized the administrative procedures to regulate their activity. So you can differentiate yourself from these people. (Depending on your country, this is mandatory.) Good design and a seller who is not afraid to put forward will give confidence to your prospects. This is the first step to convert into customers. Then everything will depend on the quality of your advice or your services.

So how are you going to give confidence to your potential customers?

To develop a successful business in the long term, it is vital that your customers are satisfied with their purchase and have full confidence in you. These two goals are not always obvious to reach. However, depending on your market, competition can be fierce. To exit the lot, you will need provide important efforts on this aspect. To better understand, it just takes your experience as consumer. How many times have someone berated you on the phone because the client expectation was not met? When this situation happens, the credibility of the company decreases and you try to find an alternative way of selling your products or services.

On Internet, it is slightly different … Fate does not always run in your favor. Indeed, depending on your product and your market, you either sell digital products, deliver tangible ones, or sell your services. Your potential customer can not touch or see the product before buying. Therefore, it will put that person in confidence to facilitate the purchase.

Here are several tips. Be honest and transparent. If your product can help people to lose five pounds in a month, do not be tempted to say on your website that your product can help anyone lose more than five pounds in less than a week! Lying can help you save money in the very short term. By contrast, dissatisfied customers will complain about your product on the forums. With this kind of bad publicity, you no longer succeed in selling your product. Worse, your name will be treated as a scam. So always keep your promises. If you perform services, try to take the time and do the job you asked. This is the reason for which, you must not overvalue your advice (for a product) or your skills (for a service). Holding onto the promise is really important. It would be interesting to give a little more than expected. By example, for a ebook, you might propose a bonus on the download page.

Do better than your competitors. It is simpler to position your products or services in the midst of the competition. However, it will be difficult to stand out. What’s smarter is to conduct research to find the weaknesses of its competitors. Check out if prices are too high, product is non-existent or they have poor customer service. This should also be done on your part so that the needs and expectations of your potential customers are met. You could then make an effort to detach yourself from the masses and thus take a step ahead of all your competitors. It is not amiss for me to say that doing this work will help to improve your credibility and trust will your prospects. These tips are not really that revolutionary, yet they are often overlooked. So do not make the same mistake.