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Most small businesses today operate like businesses of the past, not by what they offer or their level of service – but how they sell. Does any of this sound familiar?  Radio broadcast, newspaper ads, billboards, advertisements in local magazines, the yellow pages? If you are still using one of these forms of media to get your business in front of local consumers, then your future may be at stake. Why?


The proliferation of the Internet has made many businesses take the wind out of the sails from many forms of offline advertising. People from all demographic ranges are getting on the web to find local businesses. “I compare it to a genie in a lamp,” said Mike Townsend of Charlotte, NC. “I open my computer, go to Google, type in exactly what I’m looking, and boom … there it is. It does not matter if I type in “landscape in Charlotte” or “chiropractor in Monroe … I found what I need and I will answer.”


Mike is only one person out of tens of millions of people in the U.S. who do not respond, or use any form of offline advertising. However, most small businesses tend to react to trends in the consumer buying behavior much later, only to realize that many of their competitors have made the leap especially in the field of local internet marketing.


There are over 6 billion searches on the Internet in a given day. Nearly 40% of these searches are for local businesses. This only show how magnanimous the power and reach of local internet marketing is. People who are new to an area do not go to the yellow pages of your grandmother, as they did before, but like Mike, go to their favorite search engine. Oh … Incidentally, Google captures about 60% of all Internet searches, followed closely by Bing, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Ask.com, and Superpages.com.


So why so many companies miss the boat on the local internet marketing? There are far too common misconception that it is very expensive, too time consuming to have to manage a portfolio keyword (e.g. keywords should I use, how do I pay, how do I pay low, etc.), search engines are the best, and how can I track all?


Most of these concerns can be alleviated by working with a company that specializes in local Internet marketing, offering compensation to performance model with little or no upfront costs, and no long-term contracts – and that will provide real-time data, call records in your business, and this is exactly what converts into new business – all verifiable and quantifiable. If you run or start a business in today’s economy – remember – you are a 21st century business and you need on the market as such. And that, basically, is what we do here at Website Lessor. We help you gain internet visibility and give you a hand every step of the way. So why not traverse the path of local internet marketing now?