Remember, good content, that’s all. So how can you get your message out to as many people as possible? – Writing Press Releases!


A great testament to the importance of this theory is the Ezinearticles site.


Press ReleaseThe potential coverage of public relations put on this site is huge and it gives authors a valuable foot “in the door” when it comes to thriving on their own expertise.

Other media owners and publishers can use public relations for their own blogs, newsletters, industry news items and much more. Of course, we must keep the details of the original author in the text, but it certainly creates a valuable resource for everyone.


If you go to PR Web, you will see thousands of press releases presenting general information from thousands of global companies. They provide a massive amount of content in one place – the search engines pick each one up and contributors get people to their website.


It is always a good idea to send a single Press Release at one of these sites, approximately every two weeks and when I say unique, I mean that you should not send it to someone else. Of course, journalists and media owners will get your PR and use it in their media, but chances are they’ll rewrite it a bit before using it, so it will be unique in this format anyway.


Every story that I send in, for instance, is unique in its entirety and is not used on any other website. One thing you have to do is find a good general, PR distribution service (such as PR Web or click RP) and a specific industry. In both cases, the Press Releases must be unique for these two sites and that should be enough to make a substantial difference in your levels of visitor.


Remember, content is king and Press Release can be crowned as one of the best ways to get your content on other sites.