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Today, more than ever, it is essential to have a website. Whether it’s just for people to get in touch with you or to expand your business, a web page is the best tool to achieve your goals. Unlike other media , the Web is accessible at anytime from anywhere in the world and everyone by everyone on the globe. Here is a list of 10 good reasons why you should have a website.


1. Your website is an investment, not an expense.


In the short and medium term, you will see the benefits of a website. Your print expenses will be reduced, your customer service will be improved, your sales will increase, your company will gain additional notoriety, etc.. The Web is a borderless world that is accessible at all times. Your website will never be closed unlike your shop. Your web page can sell and answer questions independently.


2. It is available at all times and accessible from anywhere.


What’s great about the Web is that it is accessible at all times and everywhere. Your customers can then visit your website and find the information related to the product or service of interest, and at any time of day or night. By doing so, users can navigate on your web page to answer questions without disturbing any of your employees and thus they can continue with their respective jobs without being disturbed.


3. The ease of updating and in information distribution.


A great advantage of Web versus paper media is that it is simple and inexpensive to update. You can do it by yourself if you have an administrative console. Otherwise, we offer our hands to handle to the maintenance of your website. You do not have to reprint large quantities of paper and distribute them to your clients. With the information being uploaded on the server, they can just look at the data on the website.


4. An unlimited source of information.


A website has no limitations. So you can put all the documentation (text, image, PDF, video, etc..) You want. A web page can become a very important source of information on everything related to your products and services your customers. If you wish, you can even integrate your website an online store to purchase directly online, without moving a few clicks. In addition, depending on the size of your website, you can add a search engine to help users search.


5. It gets your clientele grow beyond borders.


Since the arrival of the major search engines like Google, it is increasingly easy to be visible on the Web. People everywhere can find your website and view your products and services. Your customers will be more limited to people in your city or region. It is constantly growing because people continually navigate the Web. Today it is much easier to get publicity to increase your visibility. Thanks to Web SEO and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, you can increase traffic to your website.


6. Great potential to get leads and generate more sales.


It is well known, today’s buyers shop on the Web. It is therefore of utmost importance to be present there. If a buyer falls on the site of one of your competitors, then you may lose a sale or even worse, a customer. It is therefore very important to be on the web and to be well positioned in the various search engines.


7. Your credibility will be increased.


If you have a professionally designed website, it will surely help in making your business highly reputed. Your customers will know that you are not afraid to invest to better serve them. Today, the mere fact of having a web page increases the reputation of a company. Increasingly, people rely on search engines like Google to find a business and there you are not, it means that you do not exist.


8. Your customer service will significantly improve.


Your website can be a supplement to your customer service. For example, adding a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on your website, your customers can find answers to their questions at any time, even the day of closing. At the same time, this can save a phone call to your service making your employees have time in the performance of their tasks rather than mulling over on more complex issues. Therefore, it will reduce the waiting time.


9. You will better understand your customers.


Using various tools such as usage statistics and online surveys, you can learn more about the tastes of your customers. With these statistics, you can see the most popular products and those that attract less attention. By doing so, you can improve the products and services offered by your company.


10. You will always keep yourself abreast to the latest changes.


Using your website, you can always keep your current and future customers abreast of the latest developments in your company. Whether launching a new product, a major purchase, etc.., Everything can be published online very quickly. Using the administrative console, you can manage your news page easily. You can even schedule a periodic e-mailing service to a list of your customers.