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As the Web Marketing and mobility commercialization continue to evolve, the opportunity to reach more customers and grow the business is dramatically increased. As forecasted by many web marketing experts, 2013 will be the year of the Data.


The following should be made as the focal points in 2013 .


Your mobile website.


According to Morgan Stanley analyst Mary Meeker, the majority of traffic to websites will come from a mobile device before 2014.

Other studies have shown that users of smartphones and tablets will certainly buy more if a website is optimized for mobile and more likely to leave immediately if it is not.

If you do not structure your mobile website in the year 2013 you literally offer your customers away to your competition.

Regardless of how much money you give to SEO and no matter how much time you spend on social media marketing such as Facebook and Twitter, no matter how many resources you devote to the blog and online video, if your site is not compatible mobile you lose energy and business.


Improve your SEO (natural SEO), especially Local SEO.


No matter how popular your website gets on Facebook or how much traffic does Pinterest bring to you product, users still turn to search engines for “Googling” (and to a lesser extent Yahoo and Bing) to find information on the internet.

If you produce a good part of your business locally, you must intensify your local SEO in 2013. Visit Google Places and Bing Local Business register your company in order to make known to the different users in your area.

Once listed, you can then publish your business and update the information, photos and videos and over time. This will increase your visibility for local search (which puts you way to the more mobile users).

Alternatively, you can also use your Google+ because most experts agree that Internet search Local Google+ can help improve the local search visibility of your business. In short, go see Google+ Local and make sure that your company and / or website is registered.


Rethink your social marketing.


2013 is not the year to add another platform to your social media strategy. This is definitely the year to drop or slow down your social angle. You may quietly drop your Twitter account, reduce your efforts in making videos, or if you have invested your time in Facebook with nothing in return, it may be time to rethink your priorities.

If you drop one or more platforms of social media without losing activity, you can reinvest that time into deeper relationships with users who spend most time on these platforms.


Optimize your Mailing-List.


Nothing is sexier than a long list of opt-in. You always do your best ROI through your opt in email list and through your effort to optimize the registration of your new users.


Here are some tips to build and / or optimize your opt-in email list:

1. Remember that most people on the internet do not want to sign up for newsletters to be thrown to  their email. So what should be done? Offer something in exchange. This could be a white paper download, little known tips, or coupons or discounts in your store, etc …

2. Highlight sections of your website that will be visible ONLY by users registered on your base of email, and they certainly wish to register to enjoy.

3. Use social media and offer free webinars, free to better build your email list.

4. Create pages that focus on the interests of the users so that they convert more in your subscriber base.

5. Send a personalized and relevant content, as each newsletter is an invitation to unsubscribe from your list.


In a few lines, the Web Marketing in 2013 will be an exceptional year to grow your business. By attracting more qualified prospects to your website and increasing your visibility on the search engines and local organic search traffic. Finally, make sure your website is now optimized for mobile so you could prepare yourself for the mobile switch in 2014 and endeavor to make your website become a money magnet by converting more visitors to opt-in email subscriber bases.