Close your eyes and think back to when you started your business. Can you remember the day when you sold your first product or service, or when officially launched your website? Can you remember the time and effort you put in and how excited you were to finally get the business off the ground? You were excited and had great expectations that things would get pretty good. Maybe your departure date was not so long ago, or maybe a few years have already passed.

Website Optimization TechniquesNow, fast forward to where you are today. You might be scratching your head wondering what happened or why the dream business you created some time never succeed like you imagined.

You can have the best product in the world, but it cannot help people if they do not know your business, product or service exists. In essence, if prospects cannot find your business, it’s the equivalent to just living on a deserted island. Living on the island can be fun at first, but now your resources (time, finances and energy) start to degenerate. It is time to get off the island and get back to civilization where we can be revitalized. It is time to save your business.

There are some simple techniques you can do to generate traffic and increase the chances of being on the first page of Google and, more importantly, be found by your prospects. Some of these tactics you can do yourself, others may require you to talk to your webmaster to implement. So grab your lifeline and jump into the water.

1. Your main keywords in the title tag of your website.

If people do not know about you or your business, then they cannot enter your business name to find you online. How they are likely to find you is through the keywords they enter in the search engine. Determine the main keywords or key phrase (3-4 words that people use in a search) which describes the following: what you offer, the benefits of your product, or how to solve a problem.

Now go to the back (the dashboard) to your site and list your keyword in the title tag section, followed by a vertical bar, then the name of your business. You should then want to click on the update button.

Let me show you what I mean about the process. I work in the training and development of the area for business. I also identified the main topic that people seek me out for is the presentation skills training. Therefore, my goal for my keyword is corporate training and presentation. To further refine  and include geographical location, I also included my location in my keyword.

My title tag is as follows:

Corporate Training | Presentations | Experiential Learning Practice Philippines

With relevant keyword phrases in my title tag, I do not need to worry about whether or not people know my company name, I just need to specify the keywords that people and it is looking more likely that I’ll get on the first page of the organic listings.

Make sure you also add these keyword phrases in the section of the meta description and keyword tag of your home page.

2. Spy on your competitors.

One of the best ways to find great keywords is to visit your competitors to see what they do. Take a moment to list the top 10 keyword phrases that people use when searching for your product. Now, type in the keywords and look for at the websites which are listed on the first page. Here is the fun part.

I want you to do two things. Look at the top 5 websites for each of your keywords. Each of the highlighted phrases or sentences is surely what is written in their title tag. Notice how many companies list the keywords on their title and description tag. This is something which is worth replicating on your own site.

Now you can do a bit of spying. Click on the site. You will want to view the page source of their homepage by clicking “CTRL + U”. Scroll down to view the source and you will see the html code of the home page (you can do the same for any page of a website). Here you will be able to see the title tag phrase shown in the code as <title> <head>. Scroll down a little further and you will see where it says keywords. This is where you can see some of the keyword phrases that can also drive traffic to their site, some of which you have not thought of.

3. Add an XML sitemap for your website.

An XML Sitemap is structured in such a way that the user does not need to see format but it tells the search engine the existence of the pages of your website, their importance relative to each other, and how they are often updated. A sitemap is an easy way to inform search engines about pages on your site. Sitemaps can improve search engine optimization of a site by making sure that all the pages can be found and be indexed.

Most webmasters will list their websites for search engines indexation, but it is usually only the home page that is indexed, not all pages of their sites. With XML sitemap, however, it is possible for all pages are being indexed in no time.

4. Re-submit your site to search engine directories.

Chances are that your site has been listed with the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing since you’ve been in business for a while. The goal is to reintroduce your site back to the search engines but now with more emphasis on the individual pages so that each page on your sitemap will be seen.

You can look for free website submission service to a list of directories and you can also go to Google, Bing and Yahoo to add to your website.

5. Write a blog and spread the news.

Sharing content and valuable tips is a great way to generate traffic to your website, blog or newsletter. Start by writing a blog once or twice a week. Once you have posted on the blog to your site, start a discussion on the various LinkedIn groups where you belong to. Write 3-5 sentences in your discussion and then give a link where people can read the full story.

Consistency is the key with blogging. If the content of news or information is found valuable, people will start to follow you and it is more likely that traffic to your site will increase.

Start today and begin to implement some of these tactics. I am convinced that in a few weeks you will begin to see an increase in the amount of traffic to your site. The key is to have quality content posted on your website.