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“Googling” has become a second nature to users all across the globe. There are only a few, however, who know the complexity of how this works. Established internet marketers and SEO firms study closely all these complex things. They try to decipher the algorithm, try to manipulate rankings so they can offer promising packages but there is this one thing that is almost certainly beyond their control. This uncontrollable aspect is fondly called Google Dance. So what, basically, is Google Dance? Let me simplify this here.


Understanding “Google Dance”


When we do a search, the results appear as a list on the organic listings. You should know that their classification is not a coincidence. In fact, Google has a duty to update the information as they get supplied on the internet and according to their reliability, their rank on that list goes up or down, hence the appellation: “Google Dance“.


Information that you have come to see yesterday in the first rank can trudge few pages later after some time. This “dance” occurs several times a day. In terms of effects, we see that various function updates of Google data centers can make rankings move like a yo-yo.


Is Google Dance no longer in the game?


The “Google Dance” has, as it seems, disappeared for a few years, but it was replaced by the speed of updates to the data center. This does not mean that the reliability of information is now moot, but the position is not absolute, but moving.


For example, the following up of backlinks on websites and blogs by the data centers are updated more often and the indexing of pages managed by other data centers are in seconds, minutes or hours, but not necessarily in sync. In simpler terms, the updates are permanent and this dance continues even if we hear that it was discontinued.


Finally, it is worth stressing that “The Google Dance” has not disappeared, but simply it simply evolves, bringing other new practices that its expects to dance with her!